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5 Fashion Elements with AJ Odudu

Sadie Clayton: "Fashion is all about five key elements"...

Words by Sadie Clayton

#MGinsider AJ grabs an interview with luxury womenswear designer Sadie Clayton as she embarks on another amazing London Fashion Week.

Colour expresses you and your identity

Sadie Clayton


The best thing to do is think about it in five different key elements. Texture’s super-important, whether it be embroidery, print, a little bit of vintage. I think it really brings your character out.



If you’ve got a level of pattern or embroidery or print on your garment, (lose ‘and’) it’s just more interesting than a plain block colour.



Colour expresses you and your identity. If you pop a bit of black with a bit of red, a bit of brightness on your nails, and it’s great - you’re winning. 



If you got a bit of shape coming in here, or here or here, it’s representing the woman that you are. So the more you’ve got your shoulders drooped, you’ve got your hips popping, you’ve got your slim-line with a platform and a heel, then you’re laughing.



Accessories can really spice up your outfit, even if you’re just wearing something super-simple if you’ve got a choker on, you’ve got a necklace or a wicked watch.