Sergio Rossi

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The footwear brand was established in the 1951 and is rooted in the expertise of its eponymous founder. In
2016, with a new management team, Sergio Rossi makes a fresh start through its DNA finding its authentic
identity and with the aim to reach the highest growth on the international markets.
The launch of the sr1 collection, first step of a new beginning, took inspiration from the historical archive. It
was first presented in Milan for the SS 2017 Collection, focused on daywear. The product is timeless and for
a dynamic woman that doesn’t take herself too seriously.
The company will continue fostering the craftsmanship culture at the facility in San Mauro Pascoli, where 120
craft professionals pass on their expertise through the generations. This distinctiveness has been preserved
the decades and quality materials and craftsmanship remain the cornerstones of Sergio Rossi.

Sergio Rossi

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