Tourism in Normandy: Etretat

Those who've read the adventures of Maurice Leblanc's Arsène Lupin will definitely have guessed that part of the plot would take place in Etretat, on the coast of Upper Normandy.

With the success of the Netflix© series Lupin, which quickly climbed to the top of the platform’s most watched list in the US at the beginning of 2021, there's no doubt that the seaside resort, only an hour and 30 minutes from our McArthurGlen Paris-Giverny centre, will become an even more popular tourist destination.

Explore Normandy like never before !

We've put together a discovery programme for you...

Le château Gaillard

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 Wonder at Château-Gaillard: Legend of Norman Resilience and French Heritage!

Discover the Magnificence of Château-Gaillard: A Symbol of Norman Resilience and French Heritage. Built by Richard the Lionheart in 1198 to safeguard the Duchy of Normandy, its imposing presence on the Seine offers a breathtaking view. Join us to uncover the stories echoing through its walls and witness history come to life.
Built in record time, Richard the Lionheart, proud of his work, would have exclaimed, 'How beautiful she is, my one-year-old daughter! What a gallant castle this is!
Nicolas Poussin Museum

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Exploring Legacy: The Nicolas Poussin Museum Chronicles Les Andelys Through the Ages!

The Nicolas Poussin Museum is housed in an elegant 18th-century bourgeois residence, offering an immersion into the history of Les Andelys, from prehistoric times to the industrial activities of the 20th century. Its diverse collections, covering Fine Arts, decorative arts, archaeology, industrial history, and local history and ethnology, are enriched by a major work by Nicolas Poussin himself, "Coriolan supplicated by his family." This painting recalls the painter's ties to the city, which has dedicated a special room to him adorned with copper plates depicting his famous paintings. Each thematic space in the museum highlights the richness and diversity of the regional heritage.
Collégiale Notre Dame

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Les Andelys: Heritage Gems Await!

Immerse yourself in the heritage of Les Andelys by exploring the majestic Notre-Dame collegiate church, a historic monument since 1840. Admire its remarkable Gothic architecture and sumptuous interior ornaments, reflecting a construction spanning from the 13th to the 16th century. But don't stop there: also uncover other treasures of the town such as the Madeleine washhouse, the Sainte Clotilde fountain, the Clock Tower, the Paugé Tower, Saint-Jacques Hospital, and Saint-Sauveur Church.

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