Enjoy a good coffee to start your day

Short, long or with milk, there is something for everyone.

Illy Café


Casa del Caffè is the resting point of your day, a place where you can relax and recharge. In a contemporary setting, we want to put you at ease with simple
with simple and carefully prepared dishes and drinks. To surprise those who appreciate beauty and taste worldwide with the best coffee that nature has to offer, enhanced by the best technology and art. Casa del Caffé is Italian for house of coffee. And thus perfectly illustrates what guests can expect here.


In an elegant and refined setting whose mouldings and decorations are reminiscent of the Belle Epoque architecture of the famous tea room on the rue de Rivoli in Paris, you will find the classics of the Maison Angelina, such as the unmissable Mont-Blanc or the famous hot chocolate L'Africain.

The savoury dishes are also delicious. A lunch or snack break with unrivalled charm!

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