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Our 150M² sustainable showroom dedicated to hosting Brand Partners in Paris-Giverny

Welcome to La Suite by McArthurGlen: our 150M² responsibly-built showroom dedicated to hosting our Brand Partners and Leasing team in Paris-Giverny for the next 18 months.

La Suite by McArthurGlen

Built using eco-friendly materials, La Suite was designed with environmental impact in mind. Thanks to the use of cross-laminated timber, as opposed to traditional materials like concrete and steel, its construction absorbed over 40 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Inside, cathedral ceilings, natural hues and an internal garden promote a feeling of well-being, encouraging curiosity and engagement. La Suite features a spacious meeting room, a large convivial space, two offices, a kitchen, two bathrooms and a beautifully-crafted boot room with direct access to the construction site.


• The structure uses cross-laminated timber (CLT), an innovative engineered wood that stands out for its strength, versatility and sustainability. CLT is recyclable and renewable and it is one of the few materials that absorbs rather than emits carbon dioxide (CO2).

• Our kitchen and bathroom worktops are made from recycled plastic by Le Pavé, which turns plastic bottles and scrap materials from the cosmetic industry into mesmerising patterns. Also chosen by Veja, Sonia Rykiel and Oh My Cream for their storefit.

• To ensure our roof is waterproof, we used a 100% recyclable material (EPDM) made from recycled tyres. Because the EPDM is made from rubber, the sheet of membrane is also 100% recyclable after use.

• Our internal patio acts as a light well and a shield from construction noise; the Japanese-inspired composition echoes the Impressionists interest in nature. We sourced all our plants from a local nursery just 15 km from the centresite.
When Paris-Giverny opens, La Suite will be taken apart, transported to its next location and re-assembled.
An innovative project that reflects some of our core company values: hospitality and responsibility.

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