Panino Giusto

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On 8 February 1979, a new idea was born among the old buildings of Corso Garibaldi in Milan: enhancing the Panino, creating a place for people sharing the same passion: the Italian Panino and its art, from the selection of raw materials to the smart combination of its ingredients. Over the years this idea has grown, bringing the Italian Art of the Panino everywhere in the world.

Panino Giusto represents the Italian identity not only in the product but also in the service and in the design. Beside the panino, served at the table or to take away, the offer is centered on an all around italian casual dining experience: from the cafeteria, to the ritual of the aperitivo, to an informal dinner with the best italian wines. 

We now have 32 restaurants in 5 different countries: Italy, France, England, Japan, Hong Kong and USA. 



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