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In 1984, whilst gazing at one of Camden Market’s charming stalls, Alberto Peretto was mesmerised by the sight of an exceptionally well-made linen jacket, reminding him of Fitzcarraldo’s unforgettable outfit in Herzog’s film.

We like to remember this London-inspired moment when we think of the birth of 120% LINO.

The dream began, 120% LINO was born.

Fore more than thirty years 120% LINO is leader in the linen market thanks for our innovation, tradition and high quality natural fibres.

It has been designs, produces and distribute linen clothing for Women and Men.

Linen is the DNA of the 120%LINO and it is the oldest fabric in the world.It is cool, breathable, thermostat, green and kind to the environment. In fact the environmental impact of the flax plant is minimal because it does not require artificial irrigation but rainwater is sufficient.

The distinctive feature of 120%LINO is the garment dyeing, treatment that offers a feeling of relax, comfort and extremely wide and personalized of bright colors and shades.

Linen, its history and characteristics are the beating heart of our brand.

120% LINO can be found in High multibrand stores,  in the top department stores located right throughout the world, as well as in 2 flagship stores in Italy and 12 in the United States.


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