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MSGM was founded in Milan, in 2009, by Massimo Giorgetti, whose creative spirit has managed to employ the great tailoring tradition of made in Italy products to create extremely contemporary and modern style collections. Capable of interpreting the latest trends in an original and kaleidoscopic way, MSGM is a free spirit and vocation for anything that is current and immediate. Some of the brand's claims, which also feature on its iconic t-shirts, include: "never look back, it's all ahead" and "lightness is not superficiality." the ability to reinterpret the past through a modern language - so colorful, sometimes ironic but never dull - as well as to read and anticipate the future, has made MSGM one of the most acclaimed Italian brands on the international scene.

Colors. Patterns. Details. Shapes. Contaminations from the urban and sportswear worlds, Italian style with an international twist. This is MSGM: four letters, a clear and strong message, unstoppable wind of pure energy. Artistic influences and a well-developed ability to interpret the present blend together in Massimo Giorgetti who, after some years in the retail and consulting industry, launched the MSGM project as an acronym of his own name. A passion for indie music has always inspired Massimo's creative process, which draws extensively on a current zeitgeist.


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