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Elegant, contemporary, dynamic: Rebel Queen is the singular, discrete and essential interpretation of elegance. A new style project for a ‘new’ woman, reflecting the vocation of a brand that has always explored the infinite worlds that make up the feminine universe. Rebel Queen is the collection created by Liu Jo for a new, cosmopolitan and busy woman who is keen on an essential yet dynamic style that is able to reinterpret and combine the new fashion trends with selfconfidence. A woman who is “Pretty on the inside” and has a discrete taste and an eye for simple and elegant details. 

Rebel Queen incarnates a free and feminine spirit in an eclectic collection, capable of combining different styles and moods to express the frantic pace of an urban lifestyle in a stimulating game of mix and match. Clean and flowing lines, loose fits embrace discrete and sober colours for everyday and versatile looks that promote the creation of total looks, while remaining pairable and extremely ductile and contemporary. Far removed from the rigorous concept of outfits, the Rebel Queen collection consists of a palette of important garments with a strong identity that are interpretable and matchable depending on one’s own personality and taste. Combinable jackets, suits, outerwear and jeans are livened up when mixed with printed and multicoloured prints and are embellished by the collection’s handbags. Urban lifestyle interpreted by Liu Jo becomes the inspiration for a universal collection, yet its values and workmanship are Italian. The production of garments, designed and produced 90% in Italy, supports the brand’s stylistic know-how combining high quality standards and market competitiveness. Thanks to the brand’s offer that has always been synonymous with a strong personality statement, the collection interprets the infinite expressions of femininity, enhancing the unique magnetism of every woman.


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