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Trussardi, the maximum expression of traditional Italian artisan craftsmanship, has always been synonymous of luxury and excellence.
Trussardi style is known for its extremely high quality materials and exquisite details. These elements reveal the strong roots and continuous evolution of a brand with over a century of experience and expertise that can be seen in every product. 
Leather, the brand's signature material of choice, and high quality fabrics perfectly interpret classic modernity and fully reveal Trussardi style through complex artisan workmanship. 
Accessories are at the heart of the brand that has always combined tradition and innovation in its search for stylistic elements that reflect Trussardi elegance.

The Trussardi outlet store offers customers timeless style and sophisticated Italian allure at very special prices.



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Noventa di Piave Designer Outlet is conveniently located for easy access from Venice, Treviso and the Adriatic Coast.

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