A corner of taste

The surroundings of Noventa di Piave offer a wide choice of restaurants and bistros where to stop and taste the best recipes of the Venetian tradition, matched with delightful wine proposals. The genuine local products, carefully processed to preserve the authenticity and the bond with the natural simplicity of the past, narrate a culture made of hospitality and conviviality, in an enchanting mixture of flavors and fragrances.


A location with a warm and refined atmosphere, where you can taste the outstanding wines and food of the territory. The selection of wines produced by the local Sutto family are enriched by a fine range of Italian and international proposals, together with a careful selection of culinary delicacies such as marinated vegetables, jams, and sweets, to offer a whole food and wine experience.
A typical and relaxing point of sale, the perfect place for those who want to combine an experience of research of good taste with the purchase of excellent food and wine products.

Trattoria Ca' Landello is ready to welcome the guests in a beautifully restored farmhouse, nestled in the Prosecco and Cabernet vineyards near Noventa. The shabby atmosphere is the ideal frame to discover the most typical dishes of the Venetian tradition, revisited in a modern way with high quality products of the area, according to the seasonality and the tradition.
To pair all the specialties, a selection of carefully chosen local, Italian and international wines.

Part of the Unione Ristoranti del Buon Ricordo, in this traditional restaurant you can strongly feel the connection with the food and wine heritage of the territory. The menu is mainly focused on fish specialties, but there is also a vast selection of meat proposals, all served with a rich and qualified list of local, national, and international wines.
Next to the main restaurant, there is the Hostaria delle Guaiane, a real osteria where it is possible to enjoy the tasty dishes of the Venetian tradition.

Established in 1979, Tessère is an organic winery immersed in the countryside of Noventa, where particular attention is given to product quality and respect towards the environment. Raboso, an indigenous grape from Veneto, is the undeniable protagonist of the collection of wines: Tessère captures the essence of the territory stylishly and innovatively, processing it with the meticulous craftsmanship of the past. Every bottle conveys a deep bond with the lands of Venice and the river Piave.
For wine and food lovers, there are many tasting proposals with local products, as well as guided tour to the winery and vineyards, workshops, and educational tours for all ages. It is also possible to spend the night in the farmhouse inside the winery, in characteristic rooms overlooking the vineyards and their magnificent colors.