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‘Transforming everyday routines into more meaningful rituals’ is at the heart of the Rituals philosophy and the core of each of its products. Simply by taking time out of our busy lives to enjoy a warm bath with candles and oils, savouring a cup of refreshing tea, or by treating ourselves to a mini –treatment at home, we can help create a meaningful, memorable rituals during our rare moments of ‘me time’. This belief in enjoying the small pleasures in life, together with the brands’ ‘slow shopping’ attitude - encouraging shoppers to de-stress, enjoy and pamper themselves by having a cup of soothing herbal tea or a complimentary hand massage as they test the products in store - combine to offer the opportunity to rediscover the magic in every day.

Rituals is the first brand in the world to combine home & body cosmetics. With its product line – from luxury body and facial creams through to precious mineral make-up, scented candles, pure tea and Soulwear – Rituals wants people to turn their daily routines into beautiful, meaningful rituals again. In addition to the expanding product range, the number of Rituals stores around the world is also growing each year. Besides its own shops, Rituals is also available through shop-in-shops in leading department stores, airlines and hotels. Furthermore, the brand has its own City Spas. Over thirteen years, this core concept developed by founder Raymond Cloosterman has grown to become an international success story.


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