200 Degrees Coffee

Passion. Baristas. 200 Degrees.

There's a new barista in town. Our brand new 200 Degrees Coffee shop - proud artisan coffee roasters & unashamedly proud coffee geeks!

Beautiful Beans. Respectfully Roasted.

Some time, several years ago, two bar owners wanted to serve the best possible cup of coffee to their customers. Thus began a search, that started a journey, which became an obsession, and lead to two men being alone in the corner of a garage (with a coffee roaster) until finally, in 2012, they created 200 Degrees Coffee and decided to show it to the World, starting with Nottingham and now, East Midlands Designer Outlet.

Our Coffee

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our coffee tastes great in all environments; from the finest professional espresso machine in the hands of a professional, through to the simplest homebrew device in the hands of, well, anyone.

So why did we call ourselves 200 DEGREES? It's because we roast our coffee a slightly lower temperature than normal of 200 degrees centigrade that yields it's smoother, deeper taste. We then serve our coffee at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so it made sense to us.

Our Food

200 Degrees is all about the coffee - except it's also all about the food!.

We specialise in high quality, homely sandwiches and we like to display our food 'open' like a farmers market or deli so that people can really see what they're buying. We do our own take on favourite combinations and then add one-off seasonal specials, deli style recipes and some ideas that really shouldn't work but seem to pull it off. We make three salads that change with the weather, soups when it's cold and cakes, lot's of cakes!

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