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German brand WMF was founded in 1853. WMF develops premium products that make every moment special; from preparing and cooking to eating and drinking. They do this by pursuing perfection, from the first idea to the finished product.
WMF's range is very versatile; pans and frying pans, kitchen knives, cutlery, kitchen utensils and various carafes as well as small electrical appliances such as kettles, grills, blenders, etc. 

WMF & coffee

Have you experienced the new WMF Perfection fully automatic coffee machine yet? WMF has a lot of experience in the world of coffee: the company has been producing coffee machines for businesses and the hospitality industry since 1927. After almost 100 years, all the knowledge gained here is brought together in a new generation of fully automatic coffee machines: the WMF Perfection.
Discover this new coffee machine from WMF; the first fully automatic coffee machine that perfectly matches your personal taste.
WMF is here for unique and intense moments that taste great, look great and smell incredible - moments when you feel that everything is perfect. Do you feel it too?


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