Back to Sports with Under Armour

1 October. Register now

Under Armour and Designer Outlet Málaga present you the ultimate BACK TO SPORTS workout event!

Under Armour Sport Event

We would like to bring together a community of focused performers to engage in a group workout session led by a professional local fitness trainer with the mission to bring you BACK TO SPORTS.

We put together a very form driven, focused workout to give you the dose of energy you need for the entire day and that would inspire you to adopt it as part of your eventual home workout routine. From push-ups to squats, the total body HIIT circuit training exercises will build-up your muscles & endurance by hitting every major and minor muscle group of your body, getting your heart rhythm elevated and making you sweat.

The training session will last for 30 minutes and will be preceded by a short session during which you will engage with the Under Armour store team to explore how they can inspire you with performance solutions that will make you better.

Under Armour Sportevent

Discover the Under Armour apparel and the performance Footwear that will support and elevate your daily routines and bring you to new heights.

We'll also get your back with after-training goodies, a raffle and a discount voucher that you can redeem in the store.

Join us on October 1st by registering.
There will be training sessions at 10.30a.m. and 7.30p.m..

Grab your train gear and bring your energetic spirit, we take care of the rest! Everyone above 18 years is welcome to register! Limited places available.

From 1 to 3 October you can enjoy a special offer by Under Armour.

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