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The temptation to overcomplicate things is ever present, but most of the time, simplicity always trumps complexity. And so it is with one of the easiest of summer trends to get onboard with - the white shirt.

SS23 Women Trends Shirt Cuts

Now, these aren’t your average 9-5 white shirts - this season’s species by the likes of Sandro, Maison 123, Claudie Pierlot,  come in wild dimensions, with voluminous sleeves, high-neck collars, or dress-like proportions. Smart yet edgy, they pair beautifully with tiered black skirts, or pleated black trousers. They’re a brilliant yet simple way to shake up your silhouette, and are perfect for those who like a restricted colour palette. Look for interesting fabric details such as ruching, embroidery, or avant garde collars with blown-out dimensions.


Sublimate the white shirt!

@madelinebcl gives you all his advice and his favorites for a make-up that matches perfectly with the white shirt

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