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For over 60 years Sole Trader have serviced their customers’ need to discover quality footwear and innovative cutting-edge designs. In all these years, this second-generation-run family business has the same hunger and drive to remain independent and to provide the best and most knowledgeable service to those who also think independently, the individuals, the Soletraders.

Founded in 1946, and trading as a retailer since 1962, Soletrader has worked with many big brands such as Dr Martens, Veja and Ugg since the beginning of their journey. ​They provide our customers with a wide and varied range of contemporary casual, designer, performance-based, heritage, breakout and functional footwear.
Now, Soletrader is celebrating over 60 years as a retailer and is more focused than ever on bringing innovative, premium and exclusive collaborations to their customers.​


Their mission:
To use their knowledge to discover and showcase the latest technological innovations housed within the best of premium design. 

To be early adopters, a platform that gives oxygen into the brands of tomorrow, brands that we believe in. For us it’s personal. ​

To be heritage you can trust and deliver service you can rely on for another 60 years.


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