from resilience's founder

Growing up I had little but I had freedom. I have always been active for as long as I can remember. From playing football on uneven gravel to using our tops as goal posts and sometimes going barefoot in order to savor the one pair of shoes we had. I played football for 10 years & competed in boxing for 8 years. For those 18 years, I have been in and out of countless good & countless bad garments for both training and recreation. You can call it a placebo effect but when I wore the garments that were built with purpose, understanding, and quality that loved me and fitted like it was one with me, it drove me to perform better and train with a smile on my heart! 

Our mission at Resilience Clo is to provide that passion and sense of belonging to everyone who comes into touch with the brand. Resilience Clo is more than just fabric, it is an opportunity to belong to a community, grow and develop, and feel alive in every movement you experience in life through our garments. Resilience Clo is a community that is built on an unstoppable spirit, drive, and passion. 

Supplying activewear for training & recreation with a mission to complete your wardrobe. Whether you’re pushing your body to the limit in training, going for a walk, or in recovery. Standing by our core values and ensuring that every garment we release meets our meticulous standards.  

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