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Changing Places | East Midlands

We're pleased to announce that we have installed a Changing Places Facility within our Guestt Services area at the centre, which is designed to support families and carers of disabled people who require the use of a hoist, changing bench and/or a centrally located toilet.

In collaboration with the charity, Changing Places, the facility has been installed to the correct standard and provides more space (minimum of 12 sqm) than a normal accessible toilet, to ensure there is adequate room for the extra equipment such facilities require, and room for two carers to easily help the user. The extra equipment in the facility includes:

- Overhead room coverage hoist system
- Height adjustable changing benches
- Pennisular toilets
- Privacy screen

How to access this room?

Our Changing Places facility is located in our Guest Services. A radar key will be needed to access the room. Our security team do have a spare radar key if required. 

To find out more about Changing Places, please visit: 

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