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Rituals | Designer Outlet Neumünster

About Rituals Cosmetics

Rituals Cosmetics is a brand dedicated to sustainable and personal wellbeing in the beauty luxury industry. As a foremost founder of integrating bath, body and home care into a single portfolio, Rituals embraces the lifestyle of transforming everyday routines into more meaningful moments. Each product is inspired by an ancient tradition allowing you to find happiness in the smallest of things. With an expansive innovation portfolio in body care, home fragrances, natural skin care and home wear, Rituals invites the consumer to enrich their world with wellbeing moments. Founded in Amsterdam in 2000, Rituals has since been established as a global industry expert in over 36 countries present in vibrant cities such as London, Paris and Hong Kong with more than 1000 stores, 3480 shop-in-shops, 5 body spas and world’s first Mind Oasis. Dedicated to its Clean, Conscious and Caring approach, Rituals is a proud Certified B Corporation TM. As part of Rituals’ commitment to continuously improve its social & environmental impact, the brand is focused on 90% natural origin formulas and packaging that’s either refillable, recyclable or made of recycled material. Next to that, Rituals is an avid supporter of 3 charities. In a world of luxury brands, Rituals aims to be the forerunner in the luxury standard of bringing beauty and wellbeing together in a sustainable future. 

Selected | Designer Outlet Neumünster

Hej. This is SELECTED.

SELECTED makes contemporary clothing for men and women. Since 1997, their design philosophy has been shaped by the Nordic lifestyle of the homeland Denmark. A story of craftsmanship that celebrates the quality and simplicity of Scandinavian design with every garment. This makes the collections feel timeless with an underlying sense of modernity. Pieces that you can rely on season after season as you build a lasting wardrobe. A wardrobe that transitions seamlessly with you through everyday life and the most memorable moments. A wardrobe made for modern living.

Change Lingerie | Designer Outlet Neumünster

The special thing about CHANGE - the special thing about every woman

CHANGE Lingerie is the only underwear label worldwide that has understood that the female body - especially the breasts - cannot be squeezed into 5 or 6 standardized sizes.

The idea of CHANGE Lingerie is - and has been for over 20 years - to offer every woman the perfectly fitting bra.

For this purpose, CHANGE Lingerie has worked out its own sizing system that offers maximum individualization. Custom-made bras, but off the rack.

OPUS | Designer Outlet Neumünster

OPUS stands for lightness and joie de vivre. We create casual fashion for modern women. Our products are high quality and can be combined again and again throughout the season. In each of our pieces there is the passion and the claim to create something very special. With our trendy, natural looks, we want to inspire and help you make good decisions in the long term - and thus ensure a positive attitude to life.

Copenhagen | Designer Outlet Neumünster

COPENHAGEN is a contemporary footwear brand founded in 2017.
The collections are defined by minimalistic designs, smooth leathers and subtle colours. Capturing the spirit of the Danish capital while embracing innovative craftsmanship. The design studio is located in the heart of Copenhagen. The leather comes from family-owned tanneries in Italy and the footwear is produced by small manufacturers in Europe. All pieces are finished by hand in order to ensure the highest quality.

Inspired by the Copenhagen lifestyle
Copenhagen has always been a source of inspiration. The minimalistic design, the nordic taste, the relaxed way of living. The Rellecke brothers were naturally drawn to it and made it eventually become their own. CPH4 was the first sneaker, and the first breakthrough. White, clean, minimalistic. A high- quality product for a fair price. With CPH40 the second breakthrough followed in the design of a beautiful “ugly sneaker”. Less extreme, more minimalistic – another success. They continuously advance their collections with new shapes, smooth leathers and subtle colours, while always staying true to who they are.

Tommy Hilfiger Kids | Designer Outlet Neumünster

Tommy Hilfiger offers classic American designs with a modern twist. Over the past 25 years, the classic American cool approach and the brand's signature red, white and blue logo have made a significant contribution to the world of fashion. Today, the brand he created in 1985 is one of the icons of contemporary fashion and pop culture.

Tommy Hilfiger has reinvented the classic preppy style with a spirit closer to comfort and casual: fun and colourful details, buttonholes sewn with the unmistakable green thread, unexpected contrasting fabrics applied to the collars of simple striped shirts.

Classic American style, freshness and colour are the characteristics of the clothing that Tommy Hilfiger has designed for the world of children. The Outlet shop offers casual and fun designs at great prices.
Kennel & Schmenger |  Designer Outlet Neumünster

We are a company with a proud tradition that combines handcraft and zeitgeist in our manufacture. Our manufacturing base in Pirmasens looks back on a long, innovative history in shoemaking.
Kennel & Schmenger is now one of the last remaining factories in Germany that still produces locally.
Kennel & Schmenger has a distinctive handwriting that elevated it to become one of the key brands in the premium segment. With the collection´s variety within all product groups, our styles convey both aesthetics and casualness. Over the years Kennel & Schmenger gained essential experience. This comprehensive know-how is used throughout all groups of products like pumps, sneakers, sandals, boots and booties.


HUGO is for those who break the rules and go their own way. The collection's contemporary styles – from denim and jersey pieces, to dresses and outerwear – stand for individuality and attitude.

Only & Sons


ONLY & SONS – a young-minded and ambitious menswear brand grounded in the universe of denim. The cornerstone of our business is affordable fast fashion containing high-level quality items at competitive prices. We strive for an effortless styling with trendy yet commercially viable styles with a clear goal of becoming a European market leader. The ONLY & SONS consumer is an archetype of the modern day man.