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The Premium Trachten Brand Gössl

Archduke Johann's principle, “loyal to the old, yet open to the new,” has always been a guiding light for Gössl, the leading Trachten company in Salzburg. With craftsmanship, dedication, and innovative foresight, this former blouse tailor manufacturer has evolved into the renowned premium brand it is today.


Premium – For Over 75 Years

With over 40 Gössl brand stores in Austria, Germany, and Italy, and around 60 partners in its dealer network, Gössl stands as a dominant market force. Gössl Gwand represents the highest standards and authenticity, and it enjoys immense popularity among Trachten enthusiasts more than ever. Each year, more than 60,000 models for women, men, and children are created and produced. Accessories like belts, shoes, hats, and scarves complete the collection. A contemporary multi-channel offering provides customers with diverse information and distribution avenues, including the numerous Gössl stores, the popular Gwandhaus Journal, and the Gössl online shop.

This family business, headquartered in the Gwandhaus, is now led by MMag. Maximilian Gössl in the third generation. “Over 75 years of Gössl is both a validation and a mandate for the future to preserve and develop the company and Gössl Gwand for the next generations,” says CEO and entrepreneur MMag. Maximilian Gössl.


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