Jorit x La Reggia

Exclusively Frida Kahlo!

Our Centre has always supported art. From 16th to 21st May the greatness of the international street artist Jorit has landed in the spaces of the Centre, launching a project "Jorit x la Reggia" that exceeds art involving also women empowerment, fashion and social commitment. Come and visit us, and during your shopping experience find out the Frida Kahlo that the artist has realized exclusively for us!


Frida Kahlo

Jorit is an Italian artist born in Naples and well-known worldwide focused on street art. International newspapers from the Guardian, BBC, Euronews have written about him and his operas around the world. The "Human Tribe" is the way the artist wants to tell us we all belong to one tribe, the human one, from all over the world, represented by the two parallel red marks on the faces like deep scratches on the skin. Frida Kahlo realized exclusively for La Reggia by Jorit is now a new milestone in the street artist worldwide itinerary. Come and visit us: your shopping experience is enriched with art!
Corner Frida Kahlo

Podcast "Jorit x La Reggia" project

If you want to know more about our project, put on your headphones, scan the QR code nearby the Frida Kahlo corner in "Palm square", and enjoy this story that combines art, fashion, women empowerment, and social commitment.
We started from here..

La Reggia is the spokesperson for a message of hope for a society disconnected from social hierarchies, economic inequalities, and gender prejudices. Today, officially, a new milestone in the itinerary of the artist’s operas all around the world.
Ale Marinella

Ale Marinella

Wearable art:

Jorit's human tribe protagonist of special edition t-shirts by Harmont & Blaine exclusively for us! Come and visit Harmont & Blaine store to get your exclusive t-shirt! The three subjects printed on t-shirts are three women faces: Frida Kahlo, the Cumaean Sibyl, and the blue-eyed African-American girl painted in 2015 on the walls of the former Bushwick workers' district in Brooklyn, NY. Three women who cross the geographical and time boundaries following the same message: the strength of women and their passage in the world and in history.

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From 7th June until 7th July join our contest!

Share on Instagram an interpretative picture of the Jorit project using the hashtag #joritxlareggia. A selection of photos will be re-shared on our Instagram channel. In addition, the three photos that express at the best the project will be exhibited, and the authors will receive a copy of the special edition t-shirt.

Photographers but also simple Instagram users, during the period 7th June 7th July, by making an artistic photo near by the Frida Kahlo opera, will be able to enrich the virtual photo gallery on the Guest Services screen and share their art experience by uploading the photo on their Instagram profile using the hashtags: #joritxlareggia #lareggiaoutlet. At the end of the period, the company using a group of experts and with the help of the artist will evaluate the three photos that will best represent the meaning expressed by the work and the social message transmitted, through the sharing of the three photos in the virtual photo gallery of the Centre.

**Project rules at the Guest Services of the Centre.

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