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Calvin Klein is an American clothing brand founded is 1968 by fashion designer Calvin Richard Klein. The brand is known for its collections of women’s fashion, men’s fashion and in particular jeans. Later, underwear was added in 1980. This became a hit and to date, Calvin Klein has grown into a influential brand in the Western fashion world, with locations in dozens of countries.

Calvin Klein designs designer clothing for men and women and various other products. The Calvin Klein brand includes various collections, including: CK collection, Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear. Iconic items can be found in all Calvin Klein collections, but also many innovative products with innovative designs, beautiful fit and excellent quality. The designs of Calvin Klein are mostly basic, making them easy to combine with each other and other garments. Calvin Klein uses many simple colours and lines in its collections.

Calvin Klein is committed to sustainability. For example, the company is affiliated with Fashion For Good, and Calvin Klein has a collection that is completely sustainable. In addition, the brand also works with The Better Cotton Initiative, a non-profit organization that wants to ensure that cotton production all over the world takes place under good working conditions. The cotton that Calvin Klein uses for its collections often comes from farmers who are licensed to sell Better Cotton.

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Calvin Klein

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