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The LEVI’S brand was founded in 1873 by Levi Strauss. His first concept was an immediate breakthrough in the fashion world, because Levi Strauss invented the jeans. Initially, LEVI’S produced these trousers for craftsmen looking for trousers that could take a beating. Over the years, the jeans have become a real basic that you can find in almost every wardrobe. Since this first invention, LEVI’S has always been producing cool and durable clothing that suits everyone.

LEVI’S makes clothing for everyone who pursues a casual style with a tough edge. The designs are simple but effective. LEVI’S designs stylish items for men, women and children, both young and old have access to appropriate good quality basics. From the very first moment, LEVI’S has had the longest lifespan of its clothing as its highest goal. The brand’s jeans are an example of this. Denim is solid and is additionally reinforced with rivets. All other LEVI’S items have the same quality. So you have years of wearing pleasure when you buy an item from LEVI’S.

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