Essentiel Antwerp

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Essentiel Antwerp was founded in 1999 in Antwerp. It started with the launch of a T-shirt collection. A year later, the brand opened its first store in Antwerp and another year later, other items such as knitwear, jackets, dresses blouses, trousers and accessories in trendy colours and new materials were added. Essentiel Antwerp is known for its refreshing, surprising and luxurious fashion, with special graphic and floral prints and trendy colour mixes. Essentiel Antwerp wants to spread a powerful message of love, fun and colourful surprises.

Essentiel Antwerp’s ambition is to make a difference. With its rich fabrics, graphic prints, intense, bright and neon colours and the use of glitter and sequins, Essentiel Antwerp is the label for if you are looking for urban chic fashion and eye-catching accessories such as scarves, handbags, jewellery and shoes.


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