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The Manfield brand was founded in 1844. Manfield is originally an English family business. The company now has more than 45 stores, in the Netherlands and Germany. The company’s English heritage is in their DNA class and attention to detail. For more than one hundred and fifty years, the brand has stood for good fit, quality and style. You will experience these elements throughout the entire collection, from basic to classic or modern.

Manfield offers you style, class and quality with their products and service. The brand has a passion for both product and people and wants to give your feet what they deserve: timeless and stylish shoes. Whether you are looking for ankle boots, sandals or smart shoes: the varied collection consists of stylish ladies and men’s shoes of good quality. Manfield knows how to perfectly combine basics and high fashion, so you can achieve both a basic look and a business look. With the Italian designs of Manfields collections you are assured of style and quality.

In addition, Manfield is aware of its social responsibility, and the company wants to take into account social, accepted norms and values as much as possible. Manfield strives to organize its activities in such a way that there is a balance between its responsibility to society in general and the economic interests of its employees, costumers and suppliers who are part of society.


in Roosendaal


Das Designer Outlet Roosendaal liegt auf deinem Weg an die Küste und ist definitiv einen Stop wert. Nur 30 Autominuten von Rotterdam, 20 Autominuten von Breda entfernt und nur 35 Minuten von den Stränden Zeelands.

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