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Ammolite & Jade specializes in ammolite and jade jewelry, carvings, and collectables. The Canadian gemstone ammolite, is the most unique gem found in Canada. Ammolite & Jade offers an exquisite collection of jewelry from Korite, Aurora, and First Nations artists. A broad collection of whole ammolite fossil pieces are available for the most discerning of collectors. Ammolite & Jade also carries a broad selection of the finest quality in local B.C. jade. B.C. jade is British Columbia’s most coveted stone.  Its beauty and its benefits to well-being has become a global phenomenon in recent years.  A wide range from fine jewelry, mid-sized carvings, to larger interior jade decor are waiting to be discovered at Ammolite & Jade. With professional knowledge and unparalleled service, Ammolite & Jade is your one stop resource for the best in local gifts, collectables and home decor.


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