Artists in Action

Artists in Action

Experience local artists creating masterpieces.

Watch as ten local artists create works of art inspired by their fashionable surroundings on the 18th and 19th of August from 3pm to 7pm.

With a blank canvas and easel on hand, local artists will create their pieces en plein air, inspired by the architecture, landscape, planes overhead, and perhaps even you!

Want to know more? Here's a sneak peek of our creative guests and their artwork:

Annie’s rendition of landscape, still life and portraits are proof of her keen eye and well trained technique of impressionist art, particularly Cezanne.

A pioneer of the recent revival of plein air painting, Dan’s work is recognizable for his use of dramatic light effect, strong sense of colour and a direct and dramatic use of chalk pastels.

Edgardo is a multi-awarded contemporary realist, known for his portrait paintings of dignitaries and personalities, is highly respected and recognized in his field.

Being a third generation artist, Iryna has begun her art career with attempts to embody the imagination of the three year old child, her main career path.

Jose is a devoted plein-air artist and finds constant inspiration in the city from subjects surprised by light and weather.

A landscape, figure, plein air and genre painter in the impressionist style, his
paintings feature brilliant, pure colour, strong linear strokes, and expert use of light.

Born in Taiwan, Leo has lived in Canada the past nineteen years, specializing in oil painting, drawing, watercolour painting, and sculpture.

Having been featured all around the world, Peggy is a traditional watercolour, illustrator and charcoal/conte portrait artist.

Born in Dortmund, Germany, Tom is a talented plein air artist that works mainly in acrylic, gouache and watercolour.

Exclusively working in watercolour, Michael has painted in such locations as Mexico, Cuba and India as well as his resident British Columbia.

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