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Want the inside track on AW23 trends? You’re in the right place! We’ve curated the key themes shaping womenswear, so it couldn’t be easier to elevate your wardrobe with timeless luxury for less.



We’re big advocates of buying long-lasting, high-quality fashion here at McArthurGlen Vancouver, and we’ve demonstrated our commitment to sustainability through our Evolve programme and net- zero target. One way you can help to lessen the fashion industry’s environmental impact is by investing in timeless style, building a wardrobe of pieces that look amazing whatever decade you're in. The best way to do this is to opt for a ‘quiet luxury’ aesthetic which includes minimalist silhouettes, classic tailored pieces and an understated colour palette. Pieces such as a long-line trench coat by Club Monaco, a relaxed tailored blazer by Aritzia, a black leather jacket by AllSaints, and a stunning pair of blue jeans by Calvin Klein are all seasonal essentials that you can keep coming back to year after year.


Invest in minimalist accessories that stand the test of time. Classic leather bags, elegant ankle boots, and refined watches will elevate your style for years to come.


Denim was on-trend for spring/summer but its momentum is not stopping there as everyone’s favourite blue cotton yarn charges into autumn, with designers from Ahluwalia to Isabel Marant joining the party. Full-body denim is the purist’s vibe by way of the jumpsuit, but tonal mixing is a more versatile way to go, with denim maxi dresses by Banana Republic, Americana-inspired shirts by Aritzia, and cropped denim jackets by Calvin Klein all suffusing your wardrobe with a tonne of great styling options. A faux-shearling lined denim trucker is one of the standout pieces of the season, with Levi's and Sandro offering stunning options, but also be on the lookout for creatively cropped blousons and skirts to give some fashion edge to the Canadian tuxedo.

Dive into the denim trend headfirst with accessories that either complement or contrast: add additional tonal denim details, or use solid black tones and textures to create a sharp juxtaposition.


Danger! Alert! Passion! Fire! Who doesn’t love the spicy references of an all-red look? Certainly not Bottega Veneta, Ferragamo, and a host of other luxury designers this season who have gone crimson crazy. Such a bold colour calls for equally bold silhouettes, with sharp head- turning tailoring by Ted Baker and Polo Ralph Lauren offset by slinky body-con twinsets by the likes of Plenty. A block red casual midi dress by Oak + Forts is a softer way to approach the look, or alternatively, you can turn the volume down with loungewear pieces by Adidas and Puma. Keep the look monochromatic, and avoid any patterns to make sure your rebellious rouge has maximum style impact.


Spice up your wardrobe at McArthurGlen Vancouver with fiery red accessories that make a bold statement. From scarlet sneakers to ruby handbags, get ready to ignite your style and start a blaze!

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