To respect our environment

Our actions for a more sustainable future

You probably don't know it yet, but our Center is adapting daily to protect our planet.

Aware of our responsability and of the role we have to play in the protection of our planet, we are committed to set up concrete actions to limit our impact on the environment.


We are engaged in recycling or reusing the majority of the waste created by the operation of our Center and stores. We actually recycle 75% of our waste, including the 5 flows : paper/cardboard, metal, plastic, glass and wood.

The stores are connected by heat pumps linked to a loop of room-temperature water, linked herself to a wood boiler room operated by a local supplier.
Our Center also counts 1600m2 of photovoltaic panels on the roofs, producing 300 MWh a year, powering directly the site.

In addition, we are implementing a special effort about energy consumption on the Center. We renew our aging equipments with more modern alternatives, we encourage the consumption of greener electricity from a renewable source and lighting with LED lightbulbs for the offices and stores, as well as more sustainable use of these equipments by the Center's staff. About water management, our fountains work in a closed loop and all our landscaped entrances are in redesign to reduce our water consumption.

The products we use for the Center's maintenance are with neutral impact on the environment, certified according to the criterias of the european eco-label or from vegetal origin. All our parkings are vegetated, our plants and green spaces are auto-managed by the Durance river's water and vehicles used by our services providers for waste collecting and Center maintenance are electric vehicules.

Moreover, we have at heart to contribute to the bees protection, their role is crucial for biodiversity. In that way, we chose to install our own beehives in the Center. We have 5 hives that each produce 40kg of honey every year. In addition, we also have a bat habitat that gives shelter and a place of reproduction to the bats. We have hotels for insescts at every entrance as well.

Finally, the majority of our coffee shops and restaurants are engaged in reducing waste as much as they can by using the app "Too Good To Go".

Recycling clothes


Our commitment to give textile products a second-life does not stop at our outlet promise. With our program Recycle your Fashion, we give our visitors the opportunity to recycle their own pieces of clothing in exchange for 10% off vouchers they can use in the stores of our designer outlet. The collected clothing and textiles are then sorted and reused as they are or recycled by local associations.

With this initiative, the objective is to avoid damaged or unworn clothes being discarded with domestic waste or in nature, degrading very slowly (up to several hundred years) and sometimes releasing microplastics in soils and water sources for certain fabrics.


First shopping centers operator to have adhered to the Chart of the fashion indusrty of united Nations for climate action, we work to sensibilize communities and educate our collaborators on climate change and its consequences within all our actions.

Since its opening in 2017,our Center is certified BREEAM Very Good (BRE Environmental Assessment Method), a standard reference in terms of sustainable construction.

Since March 2024, we are certified in line with the requirements of the norm ISO14001 : 2015. 

Our next step is becoming carbon neutral before 2035 with multiple daily actions.

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Just like us, many of our partner brands decide to get involved for a more sustainable and responsible fashion; encouraging transformation and change in consumption habits by setting up different series of actions. Whether it is by working with associations, by the production of pieces made from recycled materials, or by the use of innovative production processes, our brands show creativity to get things moving and contribute to the protection of our planet.