Chic and sophisticated.

Welcome to the Ivy League of fashion !

AW23 Women Trends Preppy

Sandro - 258€ (prix conseillé 385€)

Sandro - 195€ (Prix conseillé 131€)

Autumn is the best season to embark on a proverbial hop to the Ivy League of fashion and take a leaf out of the ever-readable preppy handbook. Beautifully elevated by the likes of Chanel, Prada, and Emporio Armani this season, preppy silhouettes in the form of Clueless-esque tailored tweed twin-sets are the go-to look for a fresh and feminine take on a timeless style. Tweed dresses by Maje and Claudie Pierlot are a fun counterpart to striped rugby jerseys, while chic feminine cardigans by Sandro and Maison 123 provide a romantic layer to wear over delicate Georgette blouses. Keep your colour palette understated for an elegant attitude, focusing on neutral tones and soft pastels for a modern and sophisticated vibe. 

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