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Discover the Maison Caffet new pioneering concept. The delicious pastries and chocolate delicacies are waiting for you, nestled at the heart of a cosy booth. Just come and be amazed, discover a conceptual place, timeless and imaginative, made up of a natural aluminum shell, raw wood, wide windows and a dash of vibrant colors !

A team composed of epicures welcomes you and offers you a sweet break with a cold or a hot drink. Enjoy the cosy terrace, dedicated to culinary pleasure that you can enjoy at the premises… Take a moment during you crazy day of shopping to combine recreation and delicacy! And to extend this wellness, do not hesitate to take along with you our creations, they can easily sneak up into your bags or pockets …


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Since 1954, in Troyes, the Maison Caffet paves the way of excellence in the matter of Pastries and Chocolaterie. Led by the audacity and the enthusiasm of the Master Pastry-Chocolate Craftsman Pascal Caffet, the Maison Caffet reveals all its magnificence through traditional pralines, entirely “homemade” and its expertise in the creation of collections: pastries, candies and chocolates.

Visionary and passionate, Pascal Caffet took over the small familial chocolate factory in the early 80s’, putting into his work the same energy and passion that his father did, a few years earlier. Quickly, he got interested in pralines, not very prized at this time, and even considered less worthy than dark chocolate. For many years, Pascal Caffet sought to recapture the delicious feelings hidden in his childhood and will work until the excellence this disregarded product, to give back its prestige.

The man who had the ambition to become “the best of his street, before being the best of his town” will rise to the ultimate title of the Best Pastry Craftsman of France, in 1989, and then to the coveted title of World Champion of Dessert-Making in 1995.

Following the example of its founder, the Maison Caffet is in line with this dynamic of research and development, and this perpetual quest for excellence. The Maison Caffet grown its creativity around simple and classic products. The raw ingredients are carefully selected.

Today, the magic of Maison Caffet is developed through its network of shops in Reims, Troyes, Tour, Pont-Sainte-Marie, Strasbourg, Châlons en Champagne, Nancy, Nevers, Sens, Paris, Milan, Turin, Tokyo and also through its online store :


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