Safari Art

From 6th July to 17th September

Come and discover the Cracking Art works present throughout the Center: a moment of encounter with surprising and unexpected elements that are the means to talk about art and sustainability through sharing. The installation of the Cracking Art works inside the La Reggia Designer Outlet wants to be a moment of encounter with surprising elements and unexpected, which are the means to talk about art and sustainability through sharing.

Find all animals

La Reggia Designer Outlet has been invaded by many colorful animals. They are everywhere, even where you wouldn't imagine finding them! Come and discover over 100 sculptures until 17 September.
An itinerary spread throughout the Center, to discover the different sculptures and their meanings as in the tradition of fairy tales. Current stories that have the task of telling the themes of the contemporary world: reuse of materials, circularity, nature and technology.
Come to visit us, have fun collecting all the animals and you will receive a yummy gift!

The Cracking Art movement was born in 1993 with the intention to radically change the history of art through a strong social and environmental commitment. The revolutionary use of plastic materials investigates the close relationship between natural and artificial reality. 

The name “Cracking Art” comes from the English verb “to crack”, which express the state of being split, broken, cracked, or crashed. 

This catalytic cracking, as the name suggests, is also the term for the chemical reaction that occurs when converting raw crude oil into plastic. For the artists, it represents the instant when something natural becomes artificial and is the reason why they seek to seize that very moment in their art form. 

The artworks are designed to inspire a community-wide conversation about the anthropic effect on the natural environment through engaging performative projects in which out-of-scale installations- such as the worldwide known colored animals- invade all kind of spaces, from those that are normally dedicated to art exhibit to then appear unexpectedly in everyday places. 



Regenerating plastic means to remove that it from its toxic and devastating role in nature, and to give it a new life by transforming it in artworks that have the power to communicate, through an unconventional aesthetic language, the importance of paying strong attention to our planet. 

The collective dimension of Cracking Art doesn’t limit each individual artist’s creativity: each member of the movement also works independently to develop their own interpretation of contemporary problems and tensions. 

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