Piazza Carlo di Borbone

La Reggia Designer Outlet will take care of the green area of Piazza Carlo di Borbone in Caserta. The square was designed by Luigi Vanvitelli, the architect of La Reggia and it is named after Carlo III of Borbone. At the end of the square, just in front of the main entrance of La Reggia di Caserta, there's Caserta station. 
La Reggia Designer Outlet will help perform the many different maintenance tasks required for the upkeep of the green area: lawn mowing, edge cutting, hedge trimming, verticutting, leaf collecting and more. 

Area verde

"La Reggia Designer Outlet, a multinational company that works on our territories, has shown its willingness to contribute to the city of Caserta through a valuable activity for the entire community. [...] I thank the company for the sensitivity and willingness offered to create a partnership for the promotion of the city", the mayor of Caserta, Carlo Marino said. 

Fabio Rinaldi, Centre Manager for La Reggia Designer Outlet also said: "We are particularly proud of this partnership with the municipality of Caserta and La Reggia di Caserta, an UNESCO world heritage site, that hosts many visitors from all around the world". 

Tiziana Maffei, Director of La Reggia di Caserta said: "Piazza Carlo di Borbone is the calling card of Caserta and of la Reggia itself. Hopefully, the sensitivity shown by La Reggia Designer Outlet will help to underline the importance of private and public partnerships". 

Area verde

Taking care of the gardens of Piazza Carlo di Borbone gives us the oppotunity to consolidate the dialogue with our community. Through the collaboration between with the city of Caserta and La Reggia, we can contribute to the enhancement of the public spaces that are so important for our community. We will put in Piazza Carlo di Borbone the same committment and love that we put in our Centre, where we work everyday for our clients to have the best shopping experience.

For La Reggia Designer Outlet being a "Destination Joy" means to value and promote activities that enrich our community. 
With  Recycle your Fashion our clients can bring us their used clothes and they will have a 10% discount as they contribued to a conscious recycle. We also collaborate with Too Good To Go: all the restaurants of our Centres will sell a discountet prices their unsold fresh food to avoid wastes.

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