Terms and Conditions


Rules and General Terms and Conditions

With these Rules and General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter, the "Rules"), MGE NOVENTA S.à.r.l. (referred to in these Rules as "MAG", "MGE", "we", "us" or "our") managing the "Noventa di Piave Designer Outlet" located in Noventa di Piave (VE), Via Marco Polo n. 1 (the "Centre") sets out the terms and conditions for the use of the services of The Lounge, a multifunctional space within the Centre, as well as the rules of conduct to be observed inside The Lounge and in the use of The Lounge’s services. The reservation, the purchase of the entrance ticket, and in any case the access to, and/or the use of, The Lounge entail, and are subject to, the acceptance of these Rules by the Users (as defined below), who undertake to respect and comply with these Rules.



The Lounge is an area of the "Noventa di Piave Designer Outlet", in Venetian style, and furnished with a selection of natural materials from the local territory, to relax during a day of shopping and enjoy the Services (as defined below) for the Users, under the terms and conditions set out below. The Lounge offers the authenticity of a Venetian residence, to be experienced in a modern way thanks to the available Services, as defined below. A multifunctional space that includes a private room, a relaxation area, a beauty room with private dressing rooms, and a large terrace. Comfortable seats and equipped tables offer an environment that is also suitable for smart-working and business meetings.


Access to, and the use of, The Lounge, under the terms set out below, is reserved for customers who have received an invitation from MAG (or from a natural or legal person that is authorised by MAG) or who have purchased the entrance paying the fee in force at the time of purchase, in the manner set out below (hereinafter "Visitors" or "Customers"). Access to The Lounge and the Services offered is subject to seat availability and the terms and conditions set out in these Rules. Access to The Lounge may also be subject to limitations or exclusions as set out below. Access to The Lounge may also be excluded or restricted for private events, or events and initiatives organized by MAG or other McArthurGlen Group companies.


MAG may grant the use of The Lounge to natural or legal persons that are authorised by MAG (the "Authorised Persons"), under Article 8 below, for special or private events, which may be subject to access restrictions or exclusions or admission based on invitations, on which occasions Customers may be denied access. In the context of these Rules, Visitors/Customers and Authorised Persons (and participants or guests to the events or initiatives organized by the Authorised Persons), as defined above, are collectively referred to as "Users". 


Clients wishing to book access to The Lounge may make their reservations through the following channels:

- on-site, at the Guest Services Office of the Centre;

- by sending an email to:;

- by calling the number: +39 0421 574219;

- online, through the following channel: booking tool on the MGE website.

Access to The Lounge is permitted within the limits of available seats and is subject to the conditions set out in these Rules.


When not by invitation, access to The Lounge by Visitors is subject to payment of the entrance fee, under the terms and procedures set out below. The payment of the entrance fee includes access to The Lounge and the Services Included as indicated below (which also include certain Services available by reservation, as provided for in Article 7 below). The entrance shall be purchased by paying the applicable Fee, in force at the time of purchase, which can be found on the MGE's website (, hereinafter the "MAG The Lounge Website"). The Entrance Fee refers to the individual Visitor (except for any special fees indicated on the MAG The Lounge Website). The fees payable for any additional Services to be paid in addition to the Entrance Fee will be available on the MAG The Lounge Website and at The Lounge. A refund of the price paid for access to The Lounge is permitted only in the following cases: only if the purchase is made in cash and the receipt is presented together with the invitation ticket issued at the time of payment. In such cases, the refund may be requested by the closing time of the Centre on the day on which the entrance ticket has been purchased. 


The Lounge will be open and accessible to the public on the Centre's opening days, from 11:00 to 20:00. Visitors shall be granted access for a maximum of 9 hours from the entry, and under the conditions set out in these Rules, within the limits of the available seats. The access to The Lounge may be subject to exclusions or limitations by MAG, and this also under article 3 above and article 11 below. The service may be suspended or limited as a result of works, maintenance, safety reasons, or force majeure (including the behaviour of third parties, including Users, regulatory measures or those of the competent authorities, health emergencies and/or related prescriptions, safety reasons), without any compensation or refund being due. MAG may change the opening days and hours of The Lounge by giving notice through the MAG The Lounge Website.

MAG may also interrupt or terminate the service by destining the area to other purposes or different uses, according to its needs, including organizational needs, giving at least 24 hours' notice through the MAG The Lounge Website. In the event of a temporary interruption, MAG shall communicate the date on which the service will be restarted, through the MAG The Lounge Website.


Access to The Lounge under these Rules allows Customers to use the following services (collectively, the “Services”):

Services Included:

- bathrooms (no shower)

- internet point (Free Wi-Fi available throughout the area)

- relaxation area

- terrace

- common area

- food & beverage services (through a selection of products and drinks chosen by MAG limited to two drinks and two snacks per person)

- luggage storage area

- concierge and travel notification (assistance and transfer booking service)

- children’s area


Services Included (subject to reservation):

- private fitting

- tax refund (on-site)


Customers entitled to access The Lounge may also benefit, upon request, from facilitated access to the following additional Services To be Paid (the relevant payable fees for such Services To be Paid are indicated on the MAG The Lounge Website and at The Lounge): 

- personal shopper

- wine tasting

- handsfree shopping (service in the process of being activated, not yet available)


MAG may change the Services and Services’ contents and products, and also eliminate or replace certain services and introduce new ones. In these Rules, the term Services shall refer to the currently existing Services as well as to those which may be introduced later, which will be subject to the relevant conditions indicated by MAG.

Detailed information on the Services is available on the MAG The Lounge Website and at The Lounge. The individual Services, in addition to these Rules, shall be subject to the relevant rules and conditions indicated from time to time on the MAG The Lounge Website and/or at The Lounge or by the personnel in charge of the Service.


MAG may grant the temporary use of The Lounge, for definite periods of time, to the Authorised Persons by MAG, such as brands, business partners, associations, entities, public figures, celebrities, or other subjects, for events, initiatives, such as marketing activities, presentations, fashion shows, exhibitions, private sales, shootings, meetings, conferences and other activities deemed suitable by MAG, according to the terms and conditions, including economic ones, which will be indicated by MAG from time to time. The use of The Lounge by the Authorised Persons is in any case subject to the prior written approval and authorisation of MAG, which may also deny it based on its assessment.


The Authorised Persons are exclusively liable, for the entire period of use of The Lounge, as well as for activities and initiatives carried out, for any damage or loss which may occur from the time The Lounge is made available (including any activities relating to the setting up and preparation of the events or initiatives, which must, in any case, be approved in advance by MAG), as well as for compliance with the applicable regulations and the obtaining of all the necessary authorisations, including any necessary administrative authorisations or permits, as required by law. The Authorised Persons shall, in any case, fully indemnify and hold harmless MAG from any consequence, damage, penalty, expense, third-party’s claims, in any way related to, or connected with, the above.


When access is not by invitation (as provided for in art. 2 above), the Customer’s access to The Lounge will be granted,  under these Rules, only to Visitors in possession of a valid entrance ticket, duly purchased and paid for, based on the Fees in force at the time of the access to The Lounge, and in accordance with article 5 above. The entrance ticket purchased is personal and not transferable to third parties. Minors (under 18 years) may only have access to The Lounge if accompanied by an adult. Access to, and the use of, The Lounge is under the sole responsibility of Users (and in the case of minors under 18 years of age, their parents or guardians).


Users must comply with the Rules and with the common rules of civil behaviour, acting in a manner that is respectful of other Users and does not harm the image and good name of The Lounge and of the Centre. Smoking is forbidden inside The Lounge, and it is also forbidden to bring in food or drinks from outside and to consume them, as well as to behave in a way which disturbs other Users (for example, listening to loud music, shouting, using inappropriate language), or to behave in a manner which is not polite or appropriate, also towards MAG staff members or their appointed persons (including the security service).

Users must also comply with all rules, regulations, safety provisions, as well as with the instructions and directions given by The Lounge staff, the Management of the Centre and other persons of the staff (including security services).

To ensure that all Users have a peaceful and pleasant stay, in respect of quietness and  personal safety, MAG reserves the right, also through the Management of the Centre, The Lounge staff and other persons of the Centre staff (including the security services), to order to leave The Lounge (without any right of refund, even partial, by the removed Users) to those who do not comply with the Rules or whose behaviour disturbs other Users, or disturbs the order, decorum, public morals or jeopardizes the safety and quietness of other Users, the facilities of The Lounge (and what is contained therein) or in any case the regular functioning. MAG staff may also refuse admission to The Lounge to those who, although in possession of a valid entrance ticket, are not appropriately dressed (in this specific case, the entrance fee will be refunded to the User not admitted for the reasons stated above).

In any case, the User undertakes to fully indemnify and hold harmless MAG from any consequence, penalty, damage, expense, third-party’s claim, in any way related to, or connected with, the above.


Users are solely and exclusively responsible for their property, personal effects and luggage, which they undertake to keep with them and not to leave unattended. In any case, MAG shall not be liable for any of the above. With reference to the luggage and Shopping bags (relating to purchases made in the Centre) which may be deposited in the specific luggage area, MAG does not assume any liability, except for cases of MAG’s wilful misconduct or gross negligence, but in any case, even in such cases, only for material damage to the luggage and/or Shopping bags that have been deposited in accordance with these Rules and the specific regulations of the luggage storage service (which can be consulted in the dedicated area of the luggage storage service), excluding, in any case, any liability for the contents of the luggage and/or Shopping bags, as well as for any indirect damage (including loss of earnings, lost profits, lost opportunities and any other indirect damage). Deposited luggage and Shopping bags must be collected by the Users, under the responsibility of the latter, within the closing time of The Lounge on the same day in which they have been deposited. MAG declines any and all liability for luggage and Shopping bags that are not collected.


These Rules and all the Services and activities provided for herein and in general The Lounge project shall be governed exclusively by Italian law, as the sole applicable law.


For any dispute in any way inherent to or connected with the subject matter of these Rules, or with the Services and activities or The Lounge project, the Court of Venice (Italy) shall have exclusive jurisdiction, without prejudice, however, to any possible different exclusive jurisdiction under mandatory provisions of applicable laws.


Personal data shall be processed in accordance with applicable legislation, and in particular with EU Regulation no. 679/2016 ("GDPR") and Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, and subsequent amendments and additions thereto. Please refer to MAG's Privacy Policy accessible at


If any provision (or part of a provision) of these Rules is declared invalid or unenforceable, then such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the other provisions of these Rules which shall remain in full force and effect.



No failure or any delay by MAG to exercise any right, remedy or action by law or under these Rules shall constitute a waiver of that or any other right, remedy or action, nor shall it preclude or restrict any further exercise of that or any other right, remedy or action.



MAG reserves the right at all times to make any changes to these Rules. Users shall always comply with the updated version of the Rules in force at the time of access to The Lounge. The Rules, as updated from time to time, will be available on the MAG The Lounge Website.