Free Coffee-to-Compost

Pick up your free bag of compostable coffee grounds from our Guest Services today.

As part of Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet’s commitment to reducing catering waste, the centre has successfully partnered with several of its coffee outlets to recycle their used coffee grounds.

Coffee to Compost


We’re providing these free used coffee grounds to our guests, rich in nutrients for plant growth - especially nitrogen - to help your garden grow. The nutrients they contain can help create compost that will feed your plants.

Coffee grounds can be beneficial for your garden when used correctly. In organic gardening, we should always try to avoid waste whenever we can. We should do our best to recycle nutrients and complete nature’s cycles to grow our food and other plants. Composting coffee grounds is one of many ways that we can reduce waste and live more sustainably.


Coffee grounds are rich in nutrients essential to plant growth – especially nitrogen. The nutrients they contain can help create compost that will feed your plants. Adding nitrogen-rich materials like coffee grounds to a composting system helps the materials to break down more quickly.

The most important thing to understand is that coffee grounds should only be added to any composting system a little at a time. Care needs to be taken when composting with coffee grounds. But get it right, and you can use the compost you create to add the nutrients they contain to your garden.


Pick up your FREE bag of coffee grounds from Guest Services today. They are packaged in a reusable bag as we encourage our guests to bring back their bags when they need a refill.

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