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In the early days, our bakery was small and unassuming. Today, our long-standing, family-run company is proud to be in its third generation and to deliver fresh bread, pastries and, baked goods every day to over 70 Ströck bakeries in Vienna, Gerasdorf, Parndorf, and Kittsee. Furthermore, we deliver to hospitals, schools, kindergartens, food retailers, resale, the hotel industry, caterers and restaurants, and we also export abroad. Bread without additives and with long dough ripening and a large selection of vegan and vegetarian products with hot drinks in organic FAIRTRADE quality keep customers coming back day after day.

All of our flour is grown and processed in Austria. We rely on long-standing partnerships with producers from the region and only use the best raw materials in our breads and pastries. Since 1994, we have also been baking products in organic quality. Today, 60% of the flour we purchase and process in the whole company is of organic quality.


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