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“Rich & Royal” – Fashion for Queens. For cosmopolitan men and women who live their lives in a stylish and self-confident way and who want to express it through their outfits every day. “Rich & Royal” is passionately dressing fashionistas and trendsetters with exclusive and high-quality fashion made in Europe. The label represents a demanding modern style, glamour and a slightly rock-oriented touch. At the same time the fashion always remains authentic and expressive!

How it all started...

In 2006 the two brothers Patrick and Denis Stupp founded the label “Rich & Royal” in Stuttgart. They were inspired by the American rock band “Rich & Royal”, which they saw one time in New York. Therefore, they decided to give their brand the same name.

The Collection

The label offers both women's (Queens' Collection) and men’s lines (Kings’ Collection), which are designed by a creative team of six people at the headquarters. The designers combine inspiration from the latest fashion trends with their own creative ideas and create unique and individual designs for the typical “Rich & Royal” style.

High quality materials and a perfect fit are very important for the development of the collection. Each year there are four sophisticated High Fashion Collections with jeans, jeggings, dresses, knitwear, leather jackets, blazers, outdoor jackets and coats, t-shirts and tank tops, sweatshirts, shirts, and blouses.

Since fall 2010, there has also been an accessories collection with bags, belts, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, and gloves, which perfectly matches the main collection.

The exclusive, high quality collection is largely produced in Europe, with Italy and Portugal being the main production countries. Only outerwear and leather are produced in Turkey and the Far East.


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