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BALR. is a Dutch brand founded in 2013 by professional football players Demy de Zeeuw and internet entrepreneurs Ralph de Geus and Juul Manders. In 2014, a pop-up store was opened in Amsterdam. This was the first time products from the brand could be purchased in-store. The first store opened on November 4, 2016 in Amsterdam at the Kalverstraat.

BALR. is the embodiment of a modern lifestyle brand. Aspirational, focused and in-sync with its young and ambitious audience, the company brings the luxurious lifestyle of extraordinary athletes within arm’s reach of everyone who works hard to live the dream.

BALR. is known for designs with the colours black and white. The brand aims to make the life of a professional football player accessible to a wider audience. BALR. has created a complete range of high-quality items that inspire to live the life of a BALR.


in Roosendaal


Das Designer Outlet Roosendaal liegt auf deinem Weg an die Küste und ist definitiv einen Stop wert. Nur 30 Autominuten von Rotterdam, 20 Autominuten von Breda entfernt und nur 35 Minuten von den Stränden Zeelands.

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