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Brunotti is founded in 1979 by the Italian Claudio Brunotti, who gained his passion for boardsports at Scheveningen Beach. At this place, he began with surfing and the development of boardsportsproducts in name of Brunotti. The core values of the brand are perfection and eye for detail, which are found in every product.

Brunotti is known for dozen of years for its sporty and high quality products. The brand has acquired world renown due to the sporty style, quality and playful details. Whether it’s relaxing on the beach or hitting the summer surf, Brunotti brings together innovation and cutting-edge style with a passion for board sports unlike any other.

With a belief that board sports are not just an activity but a way of life, the Brunotti brand has created a wide and dynamic line of clothing, equipment and accessoires that blend technical innovation with an aesthetic that takes influence from athletic and summery catwalk trends. From striking beachwear in bold graphic patterns to full-length waterproof trousers for colder climates, Brunotti has established itself as a one-stop-shop when it comes to equipping ourselves for water sports and looking great while doing it.


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