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The brand PUMA was founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler. The origin of PUMA is on the football field, with beautiful basic models of football boots that are still very popular today. However, PUMA has long ceased to focus solely on football, because PUMA is an indispensable part of the fitness segment and stylish casual clothing. So you can also go to this brand for comfortable sneakers, functional sportswear and the right sneakers for your training.

PUMA knows how to combine fashion with sport like no other. This way you will look fashionable with the items of this brand both on the sports field and in everyday life. You can combine to you heart’s content, because the brand has everything for you: from bags to underwear and shoes. You can count on good material that will not let you down. You can come to PUMA for a quiet sports outfit in solid colours as well as popping trousers with a colourful print. The brand offers items for every taste. In addition, PUMA offers a wide range of sneakers: from pastel to bright, form pitch black to bright white and from plain to strikingly printed: plenty of choice!


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