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The Swiss underwear and lingerie brand Schiesser was founded in 1875. Since its inception, the brand has grown into one of the foremost producers of underwear and nightwear. The brand stands for quality and makes timeless underwear and nightwear that feels like a second skin. Ladies, gentlemen and children can shop at Schiesser. Schiesser is aware of its position in society and focuses on humanity and its environment, hence the slogan: Of course. Zeitgeist. Since 1875.

As a pioneer in underwear, Schiesser pioneered the invention of the jersey, which is still the basis for the brand’s underwear. From the beginning, quality has played a central role at Schiesser. This is reflected in many areas: in the product itself, in high-quality materials, in an excellent finish and in the perfect fits. Natural materials and designs form the basis for the brand’s collections.

Schiesser is innovative in manufacturing the perfect textiles in various product lines. The ‘feel good’ line stands for high-quality underwear of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, which provides great comfort, even for people with sensitive skin. If you see the label ‘Long Life’, you know that you have garments that look like new after every wash. The ‘Mix and Relax’ collection is the concept for your pleasant home and nightwear that you can combine to your own taste. In this way, Schiesser remains faithful to its roots, but the brand is innovative at the same time.


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