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Siebel Juweliers has specialized in making the most beautiful jewellery for the important and memorable moments of your life for more than 100 years. Whether it is a gift to yourself or something beautiful for your loved ones, Siebel Juweliers always makes the best choice for every occasion. The store offers a huge selection of only top brands for jewellery and watches. For both men and women, Siebel Juweliers has a diverse collection of different A-brands such as Hugo Boss or Tommy Hilfiger.

Siebel Juweliers excels in offering beautiful jewellery such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings from the best brands. In addition, you can go there for an overwhelming range of watches. The staff at Siebel Juweliers will pay attention to you and takes time to help you select a piece of jewellery or a watch that seamlessly matches your desires. The expertise of Siebel Juweliers is formed by years of knowledge and skills so that the store can buy the best products at competitive prices. Every creation is unique: no piece of jewellery is the same, because it is handmade with natural materials.


in Roosendaal


Das Designer Outlet Roosendaal liegt auf deinem Weg an die Küste und ist definitiv einen Stop wert. Nur 30 Autominuten von Rotterdam, 20 Autominuten von Breda entfernt und nur 35 Minuten von den Stränden Zeelands.

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