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The American brand Skechers was founded in California in 1992 by father and son Robert and Michael Greenberg. The were initially inspired by the local skater and surf fashion. You can still see that in the laidback design of the sneakers from Skechers. In the designs of Skechers, much attention is paid to the use of light materials, such as memory foam, which molds to the foot. Due to this unique application of renewed materials, Skechers sneakers and lifestyle shoes are very comfortable.

Skechers offers a diverse collection of shoes for women, men and children. From comfortable loafers and sneakers in light colours to casual work shoes for everyday use. The Skechers shoes are of very high quality, have a sparkling appearance and are affordable. The materials and techniques used for the brand’s shoes provide your feet with the right comfort, balance and support. Each pair from Skechers follows the latest trends and is perfect for the gym, street or school. Different trendy colours, light materials, fun prints and a bright colour here and there you can combine today with any occasion or activity. Men or women, young or old: follow your own style and finish it with Skechers!


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