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The Dutch brand Vingino was founded in 2001. Since that time, Vingino has grown from a small Dutch denim-only company into a global brand that has something to offer for every child, from baby to teenager. The brand’s very first product was jeans inspired by a vintage item found in Naples. Today, the Vingino collection is a lot bigger: from jeans to jackets and from sunglasses to shoes. The brand makes streetwise jeans and clothing in which every child looks cool and feels confident. The combination of the best denim fabrics and Italian vintage influences give the clothing of the brand a relaxed look, which children love.

Quality is paramount at Vingino. The brand is committed to being and staying the forefront of children’s jeans. The Vingino collections are continuously updated with fashionable models according to the latest trends and there is plenty of experimentation and innovation in the field of denim. In this way, the brand knows how to produce durable jeans that last. Thanks to years of experience in the children’s clothing industry, Vingino not only knows what children like, but also what is comfortable.
In addition to jeans, Vingino naturally offers much more: whether you are looking for a summer outfit for a baby boy or a jeans for a teenage girl, Vingino has it. You will find cool elements in all collections of the brand. Coats, tops, accessoires and other items have trendy prints, texts and applications that perfectly match the rugged look of denim. The cheerful, striking colours used in the clothes keep the items fresh at the same time. With Vingino you can effortlessly create stylish, relaxed looks in which children feel confident.


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