The Outlet Promise

Heart of our operations

Since 1995, McArthurGlen Troyes offers a selection of the best brands at outlet prices.

Outlet is the centre of our activities and the very reason we exist. It summarises in only one word our commitment to our customers with quality products at reduced prices, and our will to participate in the transformation of consumption habits by giving our partner brands’ pieces a “second first life”.
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Our nature of designer outlet is the promise of premium brands products at reduced prices all year long and the possibility to buy long-lasting quality pieces at prices respectful of each and everyone’s spending power.

Giving our customers the opportunity to have access to products from the best fashion, sports and homeware brands whilst helping them save money thanks to lower prices has been at the very heart of our activity for now more than 25 years. Our centre’s 110 stores present a selection of products at outlet prices, meaning products from previous collections now sold at reduced prices all year long. By showcasing previous collections of pieces that will last a long time, we also wish to encourage our visitors to choose a more sustainable way of consuming fashion, moving away from overconsumption and waste of clothing.

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Outlet contributes by nature to the preservation of the environment by giving a second-life to brands’ unsold products and therefore reducing textile waste.

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world through each step of production, emitting more than 1.5 billion tons of CO2 each year and contaminating water sources with the different chemical treatments applied to textiles fibres. Promoting a more sustainable fashion by giving unsold products from previous collections a second life contributes to reducing textile waste which represent several million tons globally each year (2 million tons for Europe only), as well as avoiding the waste of resources used to produce clothing such as the water resources consumed in important amounts for the production of cotton.