To showcase our rich territory

Make the city of Troyes and our department shine

Since 1995, McArthurGlen Troyes participates in the economic and cultural dynamism of its region and city.

The relationship that McArthurGlen hold with the city of Troyes, its region and the local actors are a big part of the centre’s spirit. Ever since our creation, highlighting and showcasing the heritage of our territory is one of our priorities.
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Major industrial area for textile production in the 19th century and capital of hosiery in France, the department of Aube is a historical territory for the textile industry and the place of creation of numerous great French clothing brands of national renown, some even known internationally, such as Lacoste, Petit Bateau or Le Coq Sportif. Some of these brands actually still design and produce some of their collections in the region.

In order to perpetuate the heritage of Aube, we wanted to highlight its great history by creating a project that would honor the brands founded within our department. This is how OriginAube was born, a project in partnership with these emblematic brands present in our centre whose objective is to give visibility and highlight the richness of the Aube territory, but also to contribute to the development of tourism in the region. True symbol of History and authenticity, this project allows the selected brands to expose and explain to our visitors the origin of their creation, through displays on their shop fronts. With OriginAube, we want to continue supporting local brands and producers just like we do ever since our creation.

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The history of McArthurGlen Troyes is closely tied to its city’s own history. Beyond being the place of creation of great French clothing brands, the city of Troyes is also the location where factory outlets first appeared at the beginning of the last century. Ancestors of current outlet stores and centres, factory outlets strongly and quickly developed in Troyes following the decline of local textile production during the 1980s and the wave of unemployment that followed. These stores were first dedicated to the factories’ employees but then progressively evolved into the form of outlet centres we now know and that are truly part of the city’s heritage today. Troyes is nowadays known as the capital of outlet centres and the opening of our McArthurGlen centre in 1995 makes it one of the oldest existing centres in Troyes. We are therefore eager to maintain and extend our ties to the city of Troyes and we commit to continuing to promote it in order to participate in the local economic and touristic dynamism.

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True local pride, champagne and its vineyards are obviously impossible to avoid in our region. The Aube department is currently the second most important one in terms of champagne production out of five departments producing champagne in total in France. Its 6500 hectares of Champagne vineyards provide for more than a fifth of the total production. The “Route touristique du Champagne », a tourist route in Aube, actually allows visitors to discover the world of Aube’s champagne by crossing charming villages and emblematic landscapes and the vineyards that make the reputation of our department. This route offers the possibility to do some stops for tasting in the cellars of outstanding producers and therefore discover one of the most beautiful parts of our territory’s rich heritage.

Still with the objective to showcase all the products from local activities, we have made the choice to install a “Bar à champagne” in our centre in order to highlight the different champagnes of the Aube department. We therefore give the opportunity to our visitors to take a deserved break during their shopping day to discover the champagnes of our best local producers.

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To participate in the development of tourism in our territory is an essential objective from McArthurGlen Troyes. With this purpose in mind, we put in place multiple partnerships with the great actors of regional tourism, with the will to make our department of Aube and the region of Champagne shine at a national scale. We maintain very close relationships with local main attractions such as the Nigloland amusement park or the professional football club of ESTAC, but also with the great local actors such as the city of Troyes’ tourist office with which we often organize events on our site. Together, we form a rich local estate, promoting our department as a great week-end destination for an unforgivable experience.