Il Lanificio

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Our story begins in 1881 with the Cerruti family, who established a wool mill on the banks of the river Cervo, between the historic walls of the city center of Biella.
It is here that the fabric collections of the "Lanificio F.lli Cerruti dal 1881" and the clothing collections of "Il Lanificio" are still developed today.

Nowadays, the group counts eight official stores, located in the most prestigious outlet center in Italy and abroad. The oldest is that of Biella which stands next to the historic wool factory.

In Italy, we carefully select our suppliers, capable of guaranteeing all our products an extraordinary fit and an unmistakable accuracy in details.


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Castel Romano is easily reachable from the center of Rome in 30 minutes by car (also with car sharing or private transfer) or with the comfortable shuttle service from Termini Station

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