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Remembering the wonderful experience of last year edition...

Castel Romano Run 10 km

The JOYRUN - 10 km competitive run and 9,9 km non competitive run 

Castel Romano Designer Outlet in collaboration with LBM Sport Team, presents the third edition of the "Castel Romano JOYRUN". This national road race - the competitive one on the distance of 10 km and the non competitive one on the distance of 9,9 km - for individual male, female and company, will be held in Rome on Sunday 19th May 2024, starting at 08:45 from Via del Ponte di Piscina Cupa (in front of the first entrance to Castel Romano Designer Outlet) and finishing in the same street. The race is included in the national FIDAL calendar. Meeting point will be at 7:15 am in Via Ponte di Piscina Cupa, where there will be a parking area for participating athletes. The fee is €13 for the competitive race and is to be paid at the time of registration.



Castel Romano Fun Run 4km

Castel Romano Fun Run - 4 km not competitive run

Castel Romano Designer Outlet presents the fourth edition of the "Castel Romano Fun Run": a 4 km route, which will pass through the wonders of the Cinecittà World amusement park, open to the whole family, to enjoy together a special day dedicated to sport. The appointment will be in Via del Ponte di Piscina Cupa (in front of the first Castel Romano Outlet entrance), on 19th May at 7:15 am with departure at 8:45 am and arrival in the same street. Registration fee is €5 to be paid before collection of the race pack.  Deadline for registration will be on May 16th. All details in the Regulation.


Sport equipment donation

Sport Equipment Donation

McArthurGlen with this activity supports FISPES, the Italian Federation of Paralympic and Experimental Sports, which promotes and coordinates sports activities for people with disabilities. Sports equipment for disabled children will be donated in support of the "Scuola itinerante" project, which aims to develop the talents of young athletes.


 "CORRI dall'Inferno alla JOYRUN": a podcats production by McArthurGlen and Runner's World

6 podcast episodes, created for last year edition and produced by McArthurGlen and Runner's World, to tell the story of runners, champions and running lovers, whose life changed by running. The podcast series has been inspired by the true story of Roberto Di Sante, runner and author of the book "Corri: dall'Inferno a Central Park" that also became a theater play performed by the runner and actor Sebastiano Gavasso. Among special guests, Massimiliano Rosolino, Annalisa Minetti, Ghemon, Giorgio Calcaterra, Andrea Giocondi, Tobjad Gramaio, Paolo e Sara Vergetto.
Listen to our podcasts created for last year edition, let's get inspired and run with us at the Castel Romano JOYRUN : we are waiting for you on May 19th at the starting line. 


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