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Bialetti stores expresses tradition andpassion of a leading brand in the world of coffee and cookingutensils.

Traditional coffee makers, espresso coffee machines, small appliances, cookware as well as tableware and accessories useful in the kitchen are the different areas of the worldbranded Bialetti: a company that today enables everyone to meet every need in the kitchen and to renew its home by choosing stylish details.

Coffee lovers will find the exclusive “Caffè d’Italia” Bialetti, a line of different mixtures for different tastes, a real sensory journey through the Italian espresso excellence where everyone can find the right taste and aroma for himself. Bialetti coffee capsules are perfectly dosed, since they contain 7 g of coffee each, asrequired by the technical specification of the authentic Italian Espresso.

Convenience and excellence make our style!

In our Outlet stores you can take advantage of many offersfor making your kitchen unique with products with high degree of innovation and design.


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Serravalle Designer Outlet is conveniently located for easy access from Milan, Genoa and Turin. Drive from Milan in an hour, Genoa in 45 minutes and Turin in under 90 minutes.

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